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What do honeymooners look for in the way of boutique accommodation for their New Zealand honeymoon

Over the past 6 years we have hosted hundreds of romantic travelers from all over the world - honeymooners, as well as those celebrating wedding anniversaries and birthdays. We always had in mind that we would build a romantic cottage, so whenever honeymoon couples or other romantic travelers were staying with us, we would ask them what they would like in the way of features in such a cottage. Here's a list of what we learned:

  • Fabulous views
  • Double spa bath
  • Fireplace
  • Double rainshowers
  • Selection of games
  • A fridge stocked with New Zealand beers and wines
  • Private access and a private patio 
  • Sheepskin rug
  • Luxury bedding
  • Quality sound system with ipod connection
  • A selection of music and movies
  • Candles, fresh flowers and chocolates

Taking all this input on board, we custom built Chalet d'Amour in 2007 aiming to create the dream "nest" for romantic travelers. Judging by the response, Chalet d'Amour has achieved its goal. And, it's not just for romantic travelers. Anyone seeking that extra level of privacy, that extra level of luxury will enjoy the Chalet.

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