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What is a boutique lodge in New Zealand

The phrases "boutique lodge" and boutique accommodation" are frequently used to describe non-hotel/motel properties in New Zealand. And more and more travelers are including the word "boutique" in their searches. So what is the difference between a boutique lodge and a bed and breakfast?

One key difference is that boutique lodges are typically purpose built to host guests, whereas with a bed & breakfast, guests might not be separated from the host family. With a boutique lodge, the hosts generally live on premise, but in completely separate quarters. Also, the guest suites will have en suites, and will generally offer greater privacy because the property has been purpose built.

Another difference can be the guest experience. Boutique lodges tend to offer full breakfasts, not just a continental breakfast, and most also offer pre-dinner drinks & hors d'oeuvres, which is a great opportunity for guests and hosts to meet and converse. 

Yet another difference is often the size of the property. Whereas a bed and breakfast may be a normal house on a normal section (or lot), a boutique lodge is typically more expansive, with landscaped grounds and various nooks and crannies for guests to enjoy, both inside and out. 

If you are looking for boutique lodge accommodation in New Zealand, a great web site to explore is www.heritageinns.co.nz. Here you will find around 100 independent properties, located throughout New Zealand, all rated Qualmark 4 to 5 star, and all with a common philosophy - to deliver luxurious boutique accommodation combined with generous hospitality.

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