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The Oruanui Eruption

12 Jun 2021

With a scale of eight on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, the Oruanui Eruption is one of the most significant and most unforgettable volcanic eruptions in New Zealand's history. It generated about 100 cubic miles of pyroclastic deposits. And the caldera it caused is filled by Lake Taupo (in its modern-day situation).

Cycling at the Great Lake Walkway or Lions Walk

6 May 2021

The Great Lake Walkway or Lions Walk is one of Lake Taupo's best sites. Built by the Lions Club (Taupo), it's a 6.2-mile cycle track and a shared walk. Regardless of skill level, cyclists and walkers can enjoy the stunning views it features.

The Splendor of Huka Falls

31 Mar 2021

Within Lake Taupo is the exuberant Huka Falls. It features powerful rapids, viewing decks, and walking tracks, making its way into the heart of photographers. If you are actually an adrenaline junkie who wants a thrilling experience there, go ahead and join water rafting and other extreme boating activities.

The Highlights of Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is known as the largest freshwater lake in the Australasia region and is renowned for its clarity, with visibility as far as 13 metres deep. Readers of this blog will enjoy learning about the different species of fish, native birds, and local crayfish. Fascinating articles will discuss its volcanic origins, the best places to fish, and what sports can be enjoyed here. Cyclists can read about the Great Lake Trail, and history buffs can discover invaluable information on the area's Maori Rock carvings. For a leisurely way to see the lake, a scenic cruise is a great option.